Ytepka Society

The Ytepka Society (ee-TEPP-kah)

Also known as the Triceratops Society, this organization serves to ensure the balance of power and preserving the natural order within Port Nyanzaru. Instrumental in wresting control of the city away from Amn nearly a decade ago, the Society now work to keep Port Nyanzaru safe from external threats, such as pirates, foreign factions, and their agents.

Two or three members of the Ytepka can be found in every Tabaxi village, and in most of the major ports along the coast. This secret society is made up mostly of warriors and is dedicated to preventing any individual or group from upsetting the natural social order. Like the Harpers in the kingdoms of the North, the Triceratops Society monitors the daily ebb and flow of village life. Members are in frequent contact with their fellows in other clans, despite the limited contact between villages.

There are reportedly 99 degrees of membership in the Triceratops Society, with the uppermost posts held by ancient Tabaxi. Some claim one of the Mezroan barae controls the Society, but there is no real proof to support that notion. Few members reside in the city, and most of them moved there only after Mezro lowered its walls.

When the Society believes that a person is on the verge of committing a great social wrong, they will mark his or her home with a symbolic iron Triceratops. It is then up to the marked individual to figure out the error and then correct it. If the crime is not prevented, the Society will act against the offender; they favor gathering compensation for the tribe rather than exacting physical punishment, but in extreme cases, assassination is not unknown.

The Society actively tracks foreign explorers and adventurers. If PCs encounter a Tabaxi tribe or enter Chult through one of the major ports, they can be certain the Society is aware of their presence-and will act against them if they upset the social order or the "peace" of the jungle too greatly.

Ytepka Society

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