Minor NPCs

Alastar Bol (AL-a-star BOWL). Ranking member of the Order of the Gauntlet. Alastar is convinced someone is abducting citizens and using them for sinister ends.

Klevin Van’Sheran (KLEH-vin VAN-share-uhn). Member of the Lords Alliance. The city of Port Nyanzaru and its people are his true love and he seeks to root out those who dare tarnish its image.

Liara Portyr – Commander of Fort Beluarian

Pock-Marked Po. Though operating freely at the behest of the Zhentarim, Po also uses his broad influence and network of contacts for his own secretive ends.

Screaming Wind - A young tabaxi and member of the Emerald Enclave. She does her best to safeguard the city’s people against the jungle’s many savage threats.

Soggy Wren - Ranking member of the Harpers. Wren is a well-known local whose lack of sober wit and judgment may have enmeshed him into one of the city’s darkest secrets.

Zindar - a gold half-dragon, and the harbormaster of the city of Port Nyanzaru

Minor NPCs

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