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Latest News and Rumours

The Death Curse
Halruaan Airship
Shrines to Ubtao
Uluu Thalongh

Chult Overview

About Chult – Terrain and Climate; Water and Dehydration

Human Settlements 

Fort Beluarian
Port Castigliar
Port Nyranzaru
Welcome to Port Nyanzaru – what the spruikers say about the city

Non Human Settlements

Kir Sabal – city of the aarakocra

Major NPCs

Aramag – the ancient dragon turtle
Artus Cimber – hunted by many, rumoured to possess The Ring of Winter
Asharra – wizard
Nanny Pupu – rumoured to be the one person who can help slain party members return from the dead.
Ras Nsi – one time Chosen of Ubtao, now something different


Geographical Features

Earth Motes
Heart of Ubtao
Peaks of Flame
River Olung
River Soshen-star
River Tath
River Tiryki
The Wild Coast
Valley of Lost Honor

Inhabitants of Chult

Aldani – Lobster folk
Tabaxi – dominant human tribe of Chult
Eshowe – all but eradicated human tribe
The Batiri – collective name for the various goblin tribes
Chultan Dwarves
Eblis – evil bird folk 
Grung – evil frogfolk
Pterafolk – evil shapeshifting flying dinosaur folk

Tortle – tortoise folk

Groups, Factions, Organisations

Cult of the Dragon
Emerald Enclave
Lords Alliance
Order of the Gauntlet
Red Wizards of Thay
The Harpers
The Merchant Princes of Nyanzaru
The Zhentarim

Other Lands



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