The Batiri

After the destruction of the Eshowe, the Tabaxi went on to subsume most of the other human cultures in Chult. Yet the death of so many humans during the war opened the door for the Batiri, the bloodthirsty goblin tribes of Chult.

The Batiri live in clans of 25 to 200 members. They hunt and travel at night, moving from campsite to campsite throughout the jungle. In a few places, the goblins have constructed
"permanent" buildings-ramshackle huts poised over shallow pits that serve mostly to shield them from the sun. These belong to no clan in particular; arguments over use of a site are always settled by violence.

A queen rules over the Batiri, holding her crown only so long as she can defend herself in arena combat against any and all challengers. Her court moves along with her clan, but some of the more powerful and long-lived queens have set up capitals, complete with wooden palaces. Recently, the powerful Queen M'bobo was slain. Inter-clan warfare is underway to determine her successor.

Each Batiri clan has a patron deity, to whom they offer sacrifices. These many gods, the Batiri believe, are represented in the jungle by the various monsters and species of dinosaurs. Each tribe has a particular creature to which it offers worship; for example, a clan may pray to Oogra, whose avatar is the stegosaurus. For a ritual, any stegosaurus will do. Obviously, this means religious ceremonies often hinge upon chance encounters with these beasts.

Clans sometimes name themselves after these deities, but just as many are identified by other titles. The Gouged Orbs are a particularly large clan, and very easy to identify. Upon reaching adulthood, each goblin ritually blinds itself in the eye of its choice.

Batiri favor the use of short bows and spears. Their weapons are crude, their clothing often little more than rags. Some especially skilled warriors have blades stolen from unfortunate adventurers or ambushed Tabaxi. The most influential Batiri generals wear crude dinosaur-hide and animal skin breastplates and helmets. (Treat as partial hide armor, AC14.) Because the Batiri prepare the skins so badly, there is a 10 percent chance per week that anyone wearing this armor develops a temporary, debilitating illness, lasting 1d6 days (see below for more on jungle illnesses).

Most intelligent creatures in Chult fear the Batiri. They are relentless trackers, skilled in jungle lore and the use of the bow and spear. Rumors that the goblins devour foes captured in raids are absolutely true, though their cannibalistic tendencies never extend to other Batiri. Such behavior is considered barbaric and brings a penalty of death.


The Batiri

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