Port Nyanzaru

Chultan Trade Colony; Population 12,000 
Port Nyranzaru
The harbor of Port Nyanzaru - also called Nyranzaru – was designed with defence as its first priority, because pirates roam the sea north of Chult. Protecting against threats from the interior is just as important, and thus a high stockade wall of stone fronts the jungle, pierced by three well-guarded gates. A chain mechanism can be raised to guard the harbour from enemy ships.

Amn used to own and control all activity in Port Nyanzaru but when Chultans became united, they removed foreign oligarchs and merchant lords and established their own rule to take control of their own financial destiny.  There are seven Chultan merchant princes who rule and each owns a mercantile groups in the town, separated by differing trade interests over which they have a legal monopoly (for example weapons, or buying/selling dinosaurs), and who have agreed to run the city between them.  

Chult is not hospitable to horse-riding so they have dinosaur races through the city that is a spectacle many people wager on.  They clear the streets and spectators get up on roofs and walls to be able to see.

Members of every race and nationality of Faerûn can be found in Port Nyanzarun, but few of them ever travel more than 100 yards beyond the city walls.  Everyone in the city is aware of not only the normal jungle hazards, but also the army of undead roaming the jungle.

Taxes are high in Port Nyanzaru, but those rich enough or lucky enough to be employed by one of the major mercantile groups live in relative safety inside the walls of this ultimate frontier city. Hundreds of people live in the wards outside the walls, including those whose employment or business interests are in those wards. They have learnt to survive fairly well, dealing constantly with disease and threats from the jungle. Many dream of, and work towards gaining, employment with any mercantile group so they can move inside the walls.


Note: The flying snake symbol of the Zhentarim comes from Port Nyanzaru, they use them as messengers.


The city is divided into six districts. Each are as follows:

• Harbor Ward. A majority of the trade vessels use these docks, their crews and passengers make their way through here. It sits between the Market and Merchant Wards

• Market Ward. Located in the eastern portion of the city, this is where most of the tradesfolk and middle class live and work.

• Merchant’s Ward. Covering the western half of the city, this area houses the Grand Souk – the city’s marketplace, as well as the residences of the Merchant Princes.

• Old City. Built around the ruins of ancient ziggurats, many underprivileged laborers reside here in makeshift bamboo huts.

• Malar’s Throat. The city’s poorest live in this region in rows of old shacks at the edge of a ravine connected by narrow rope bridges on either side.  Thieves and black markets abound here.

• Tiryki Anchorage. This area east of the city has inexpensive housing for visitors and explorers, as well as unregulated docks along the shore.  There is a thriving black market here.


In every area in Port Nyanzaru, the party is able to obtain the following rumors and additional information by speaking with the various locals.
• Port Nyanzaru is overseen by seven Merchant Princes, each with an economic stake in the success of the city.
• The Death Curse has put much of the city’s population on edge.
• The recent events have seen an increase in patrols from both the city guard and the Citizen’s Brigade.
• There has been an influx of newcomers though many have provided as much hindrance to the populace as they have help. Each of the factions within the city have been requesting members of their order for additional aid.

Port Nyanzaru

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