Peaks of Flame

Peaks_of_FlameThis chain of three volcanoes dominates the southern part of Chult.  The Peaks of Flame contain three active volcanoes, and the lava tubes for these three volcanoes connect with the Burning Rift, in the Firelands, a region of the Underdark. The volcanoes constantly throw ash and smoke into the skies over Chult.

The crater of an inactive fourth volcano is located northwest of the three active peaks. This crater is called Morndin Vertesplendarrorn, or the Emerald Crater, and is a site sacred to the dwarf god Thard Harr. The dwarves make pilgrimages there regularly. The crater is also home to a dragon named Esmerandanna, who is a guardian of the dwarves' carvings.

The range was located south of Lake Luo and east of the Valley of Lost Honor. It used to be the northernmost boundary of the empire of Serpentes.

Flamesnakes, hell hounds, and pyrohydras were some of the dangerous monsters that had entered the Peaks of Flame from portals from the Elemental Plane of Fire located below the mountains.  There are creatures here that are found nowhere else on Chult.


In -2809 DR, early settlers of Chult from a continent southwest of Faerûn were greeted by an avatar of the god Ubtao at the Peaks of Flame, welcoming them to their new land.

The serpent god Sseth first entered Toril from a portal beneath the Peaks in -304 DR. After ruling the yuan-ti and the empire of Serpentes for centuries, Sseth mysteriously disappeared below the mountains again in 10 DR.

The Emerald Crater was formed in 77 DR by a massive volcanic eruption that shattered the former peak.

During the Time of Troubles in 1358 DR, the god Kossuth appeared below the Peaks of Flame and chose a firenewt named Chassan as his avatar, leading a war against the pterafolk.

Rumors and Legends

It was said that a pair of iron doors leading directly to the Fugue Plane were located within the Peaks of Flame, beneath one of the volcanoes, and that the primordial Dendar the Night Serpent will break down these doors at world's end. She will then slither out and swallow the sun. The god Ubtao stood guard over these gates, as part of his agreement with the rest of the deities of the Faerûnian pantheon. In exchange for this deed, the other gods granted him full reign over Chult and its peoples.


Peaks of Flame

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