Ruined Mezro stands across the sea from Calimshan, waiting for explorers and its displaced people to cleanse the city of its undead inhabitants and uncover the treasures that lie hidden there. Before its destruction in the Spellplague, Mezro was the largest civilized population center in Chult. It was a holy place to the Tabaxi people, being founded by their god Ubtao.

History: The god Ubtao founded the city of Mezro in -2637 DR. He raised its temple and amphitheater directly from the chaos of the jungle.

In the Year of Blooded Sunsets (-137 DR), during the great war between the Tabaxi and the Eshowe, the shadow creature Eshowdow nearly brought the city to ruin.

The entire city became invisible around 863 DR. This was caused by a magical wall that was built around it. Not only did the wall render the city invisible but it also caused magical confusion to whomever came too close to its walls. It remained hidden like this for nearly 500 years until 1363 DR, when the rulers of Mezro decided to lower the magical defenses after a solid victory against the Batiri goblin tribe. After that time, travelers were once again welcomed in the city, and it saw a surge in growth.

The Spellplague destroyed the city of Mezro, leaving it an undead- and monster-infested site.

Layout: Mezro was built along the River Olung, which served as its southern and western borders. Thick jungle was found on the east and north. The city was circular and divided into four quarters by wide avenues stemming from the Temple of Ubtao at the center.

Agricultural Quarter - This quarter was located in the southeast. It was divided up into farms, fields, and groves for growing bananas, berries, cassavas, nuts, papayas, plantains, sorghum, yams, and various medicinal plants. Honey was also produced here. The land was magically enhanced to ensure fertile crops. Small dinosaurs were common in this area of the city.

Residential Quarter - This quarter was located in the southwest. It was a literal maze of simple, one-story, adobe-style houses. Most Mezroans lived here. The byways were of sand with rushes.

Market Quarter – This quarter was located in the northwest. Here were found craftsmen, hostels, inns, and various smiths. Also located here was the famous amphitheater built by Ubtao himself.

Scholars' Quarter - This quarter was located in the northeast. It contained the Library of Mezro, the College of Wizards, and the Warriors' Training Ground. It was full of other schools as well, as the city educated every child in math, history, and literacy, and guilds were not present there to teach crafts.

Government. Mezro was a theocracy ruled by the barae, the Chosen of Ubtao. Each bara lived forever and was granted unique powers by Ubtao. There were seven in number.

At the end of the 14th century DR, the barae were:

  • Osaw I
  • Kwalu
  • Dhalmass Rayburton
  • Alisanda Rayburton
  • Mainu
  • Fipya
  • Ras Nsi (exiled)

Tabaxi warriors patrolled the city of Mezro and would brand any lawbreakers with a blue triangle on their forehead. Punishment for murder might be execution, but most crimes resulted in just compensation.


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