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The Death Curse
Halruaan Airship
The Living Dead
Shrines to Ubtao
Uluu Thalongh

Chult Overview

About Chult – Terrain and Climate; Water and Dehydration

Human Settlements 

Camp Vengeance
Fort Beluarian
Jahaka Anchorage – pirate base
Port Nyanzaru
Welcome to Port Nyanzaru – what the spruikers say about the city

Non Human Settlements

Ahoyhoy – tortle fort
Dungrunglung – village of Grung having a difficult time
Kir Sabal – city of the aarakocra

Major NPCs

Aramag – the ancient dragon turtle
Artus Cimber – hunted by many, rumoured to possess The Ring of Winter
Asharra – wizard
Nanny Pupu – rumoured to be the one person who can help slain party members return from the dead.
Ras Nsi – one time Chosen of Ubtao, now something different
Minor NPCs – NPCs encountered or well known who do not warrant their own page.


Camp Righteous
Hisari – ruined yuan-ti city
[[Hrakhamar]] – abandoned dwarven forge
Ishau – ruins in Refuge Bay, destroyed by the Spellplague
Mbala – ruins atop a plateau, home to the witchdoctor Nana Pu'pu

Mezro – once the greatest city in Chult, destroyed during the Spellplague
​​​​​​​Nangalore – ruins of great gardens built for Omuan royalty

Orolunga – ancient ruins
Port Castigliar
Wyrmheart Mine – dwarf gem mine, now taken over by a dragon

Geographical Locations and Features

Earth Motes
Heart of Ubtao
[[Jahaka Bay]]
Lake Luo
Peaks of Flame
​​​​​​​Refuge Bay
River Olung
River Soshen-star
River Tath
River Tiryki
Snapping Turtle Bay
The Snout of Omgar
The Wild Coast
Valley of Lost Honor

Inhabitants of Chult

Aldani – Lobster folk
The Batiri – collective name for the various goblin tribes
Chultan Dwarves
Chwinga – small, masked nature spirits
Creatures – the various notable monsters and creatures of Chult
Eblis – evil bird folk 

Eshowe – all but eradicated human tribe
Grung – evil frogfolk
Kenku – flightless raven-like birdfolk
Pterafolk – evil shape-shifting flying dinosaur folk

Tabaxi – dominant human tribe of Chult
Tortle – tortoise folk

Groups, Factions, Organisations

Cult of the Dragon
Emerald Enclave
Flaming Fist – mercenary company maintaining a permanent stronghold at Fort Beluarian
Lords Alliance – a coalition that works actively to eliminate threats to their mutual prosperity
Order of the Gauntlet – a group that protects everyone from evil doers
Red Wizards of Thay – active in Chult, supposedly to help find the Soulmonger
The Harpers – a group that works covertly to oppose any abuse of power
The Merchant Princes of Nyanzaru
The Ytepka Society
The Zhentarim – unscrupulous shadow network seeking to expand its influence and wealth throughout Faerun

Other Lands



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