Fort Beluarian

Baldur’s Gate Trade Fort; Population 1,000
Commander: Liara Portyr
This army outpost has weathered much over the years, and twice was completely eradicated by native uprisings. However, Baldur’s Gate retook the fort both times. 

The high stockades are manned by elements of the Flaming Fists mercenaries. Amn has lately made offers to buy out the city’s interest in the fort. Most suspect that if the Amnians acquired Beluarian, they would merely shut it down so that their competing Port Nyranzaru would control all water traffic to and from Chult.

The fort has been a place of refuge for weary explorers or adventurers, at least for a night or two, but lodgings and healing for those not associated with The Flaming Fist company comes at a steep price. The Flaming Fist would hire out its mercenaries for ventures into the jungle for the right price, provided the task was not evil, and has many rangers and scouts specifically for this purpose.

Explorers require an exploration charter before venturing into the jungle from Fort Beluarian.  This allows administration to record who has been here and what they are doing.  Of course many explorers lie, but it has been useful in the past, especially if family or other interested parties come looking for explorers who have disappeared.  


Fort Beluarian

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