Chultan Dwarves

Chult is a land rich with gems, minerals, and precious metals – the perfect place for a thriving
dwarven population. The typical Chultan dwarf is a dour, sullen fellow, even moreso than his northern counterparts. He almost invariably lives in a vast mine, largely isolated from the outside world, where small dinosaurs are used for pack animals.

Chultan dwarves focus their culture upon wealth and skill in crafting items with gems and precious metals. While not particularly bellicose, they will fight fiercely to protect their homes and their stockpiles of diamonds, emeralds, and gold. Trade with the surface world is limited, and only a few trusted agents can expect much success in dealing with the dwarves. Surprisingly,
the most accomplished traders come from the Batiri's Dimetrodon Clan; these goblins have abandoned their nomadic ways and established camps near the secret dwarven mines. They conduct a thriving business, exchanging gems for exotic pelts, ivory, and foodstuffs unavailable to the dwarves underground. Unusual foreign goods are especially valued, bringing astronomical prices.

Weapons smithed by the Chultan dwarves are valued highly, since they are often edged with diamonds. These short swords, spears, and axes (long swords and other polearms are almost unknown to the dwarves) are extremely expensive: 500 gp for a spear, 1000 gp for a short sword or battle axe. Because of their diamond cutting edges, these weapons give a +2 bonus to damage and never need to be sharpened.

Subterranean Chultan dwarves are albinos and suffer penalties for movement in sunlight. (Dexterity is reduced by 2; attacks are made at -2 penalty to attack roll.) Because of this, they leave their mines only at night. In Tabaxi lore, white is the color of death, so the pale-skinned, pink-eyed Chultan dwarves are viewed with fear and superstition.

Wild dwarves will also be encountered in Chult. These dark-skinned dwarves are found in hunting bands of 20-200, frequenting the high trees and lush valleys in the most remote sections of the jungle. They cover themselves with grease to keep away biting insects, which also lowers their armor class to 12. They fight with blowguns that fire two darts per round, and frequently set elaborate traps. Still, they seldom seek conflict with intelligent creatures, as long as they are left alone to hunt in peace.


Chultan Dwarves

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