Adventures in Chult: Raiders of the Lost Tomb

This is the page for our adventures for Tomb of Annihilation for D&D 5e.  We don't expect to be starting this adventure for some time (we're still playing Storm King's Thunder), but I'm getting a head start.

House Rules:

1. Inspiration: You can use Inspiration points to:

  • Give yourself advantage on any roll.
  • Reroll a dice, but you must accept the reroll.  You cannot reroll a reroll.
  • Give another party member your character can see a reroll with the above stipulations.
  • Move an extra 10ft.
  • You cannot use it to make the DM reroll, but you can use it to impose disadvantage on an enemy's roll which means declare you are using it BEFORE the roll is made.

2. Hit points

  • Start with maximum hit points at 1st level
  • When levelling up you can roll the dice and if you get less than the average you can take the average.

3. Critical Hits

  • When a critical hit is made, the dice sets you would normally roll for critical damage is set to maximum damage.  For example if you critical hit with a longsword wielded one handed, you get the critical die automatically set to 8 and the other for base damage is rolled.  If you critical hit with a greatsword you would normally roll 4d6 – instead 2d6 are set to 6 each, and roll the other two as normal.  Same for spells.

4. Spells:

  • If you are killed by a disintegrate spell, your entire body is gone as well as anything mundane you are carrying or wearing.  Permanent magic items can make a DC10 saving throw to survive with a bonus for each rarity step starting at +0 for common items  ( i.e. +1 for uncommon, +2 for rare, +3 for very rare. Legendary items and plot important items will auto pass).

    5. Combat:
  • If you are firing a ranged weapon into a melee combat and roll a 1, you automatically hit an ally.
  • If you are fighting in melee and you roll a 1, something bad happens (not catastrophically bad, but causes complications to the fight). For example when Cundall was fighting with a flame blade in a forest, he rolled a 1 and his wild swing went into a dry bush and started a forest fire, which made life interesting for everyone.  If we can't think of anything, then one random creature within range gets an opportunity attack on you, or if no such creature exists, the next attack you make this combat is at disadvantage, or next save your opponent makes is at advantage.
  • No retrospective changing the outcome of actions in combat. If you forgot some ability or feat or rule that would have meant you didn’t die or suffer in some way, and it has already moved on to the monsters or next player’s turn, too bad. Your character forgot, or the ability didn't work or whatever.

6. Actions

  • Drinking a potion is a Bonus Action, not an Action.


Raiders of the Lost Tomb

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